Borrowed & Blue Interview with Munoz Photography

“Borrowed & Blue is your online guide to planning Miami weddings, but you’ll be relying on wedding professionals to pull off a successful set of events. One of the first vendors you’ll book? Your photographer. You really need a consummate professional to capture the fullness of your special day, which is why we love talking to amazing local photographers, like the team at Muñoz Photography, about how they go above and beyond in order to make sure you and your partner have an amazing wedding! It’s so clear from looking at their photos that this company pays attention to detail and really takes care of their couples. I had so much fun asking these folks some questions about wedding photography, and what they’re passionate about—enjoy!” -Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Market Specialist
In 1909, Marceliano Muñoz opened a small photography studio in Colon, Cuba. Over 100 years and four generations later, the Muñoz family still takes pride in their legacy. Fathers taught sons and grandfathers taught grandsons the standard that it took to be a Muñoz Photographer. We have combined classic knowledge of traditional portraiture with an innovative and contemporary style. Our mission is to further develop the overall quality of photography and to capture memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Winning state, regional and national photographic awards, the Muñoz team continues to be the best.
     Over thirty employees work together as a team to give each one of our clients the best service and quality in the industry. Our seven photographers, four Photojournalists, three Album Designers, nine production employees, six office assistants and over a eight teen on-call photography assistants strive to create a picture perfect event.
  1. How did you find your way into the wedding photography business?

We were born into it. We’re a fourth generation business that got started in 1909 in Colon, Cuba by our great grandfather Marceliano Munoz. We started going to weddings with our father when we were 7 yrs. old. and ever since then we’ve been hooked.


















  1. Describe your photographic aesthetic in five words (or fewer!).

Romantic, Candid,  and Natural.
































  1. What is
    the first question you like to ask a couple when you meet with them?

The first question we typically ask a couple when we first meet them is; “How did you two meet?” Generally followed by, “What do you envision for your wedding?” From there we take note to figure out the best ways to capture their special day.


















  1. What are your top tips for people who just got engaged?

Enjoy the ride! Don’t get hung up on all of the details! Initially, make sure you put together a great team so that you can enjoy your wedding worry free.



















  1. We’re at the very beginning of the 2016 wedding season. What top trends are you seeing?

More brides are leaning towards unplugged weddings, where their guests are able to experiencing the event not focusing on photographing or videoing the bride and groom and leaving the photography/ videography for the professionals. Couples wanting their guests to be more present at their weddings and not on their phones.

Couples have their priest/ rabbi make an announcement to be present at the event, it is an “Unplugged Ceremony”—NO PHONES!



















  1. What is your favorite part of a wedding to shoot (if you had to choose)?

When the bride and groom first see each other, the First Look! The moment that the couple sees each other for the first time, there are no words to describe the overwhelming joy and excitement. You can see the love radiating from them, as they realize that today begins the rest of their life together.



















7. What is your favorite time of day to take pictures?

Honestly, it depends on the location. Preferably during early morning, sunrise or late in the afternoon, sunset. When the sun is not directly overhead but creating the perfect backdrop for capturing images of the couple, the bridal party and the family.



















  1. Where is your favorite local place to shoot?

There are too many beautiful venues in Florida to just choose one but we do love shooting at the beach.



















  1. Describe what you feel makes Fort Lauderdale/Miami an amazing place to photograph weddings.

The locations are generally meaningful to the bride and groom. As a destination wedding it has everything to offer; from amazing architecture, contemporary locations, beautiful environmental scenes. Whatever you want, South Florida will make it happen.



















  1. Describe something that sets Miami apart from other places you’ve lived.

It’s really a melting pot. You can find something in Miami that appeals to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you came from or who you are, Miami and all of South Florida always has something you can connect to.

If you’re getting married in South Florida,  I hope you’ll take a peek at Borrowed & Blue—it’s a great place to find and book Miami wedding catering and more!

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